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Hi, welcome to the Don't Kill the Knight testing family

The funniest, action packed and addictive runner game. Get ready to run for your life in the King's Royal Tracks, a place designed to get rid of his not-so-funny jester. You will help a clumsy and scared jester wearing a knight's armor to survive a place filled with insane medieval traps and crazy, creative obstacles! Test your reflexes as you take control of this goofy knight while you run, stop, run some more, dodge and dash through the King’s ruthless contraptions! Overcome dozens of painful obstacles like anvils, axes, crocodiles, giant swords, big hammers, giant swords WITH big extra-large hammers, spears, spikes, stompers and much, much more! EASY TO LEARN, HARD TO MASTER • Simple two-touch control that is easy to use • More than 150 different traps with over 1000 unique behaviors • Each new trap and step requires a different strategy: time it, learn it, run, stop and run again in a quest to keep the knight among the living! CAN YOU KEEP THE KNIGHT ALIVE? Mechanics that turn your regular platformer runner game into a STOPPER!

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